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Fish Camp

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

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If it appears that our life revolves around restaurants and food, you’re finally catching on.

When our daughter-in-law, Kiri, suggested that we try a restaurant called Fish Camp in Royse City, TX, our first thought was that she had lost her mind.  There is no water within several miles of Royse City.

The Fish Camp is located about 3 miles south of Royse City at 7508 County Road 2584. Guess what, they have their own little lake.


We arrived and met with Kiri, Justin, Lance, Jennifer, Gracie, and Katie. (If we’re not already fat enough, click on photo for a fatter picture.)


The menu is varied, delicious, and reasonably priced.

We found that putting Katie in a trance calmed her while the meal was being prepared.


On the small lake beside the restaurant is a very nice deck where bamboo poles are provided and you can actually fish while you wait for dinner.

Justin took Gracie out prior to dinner and she caught about 5 fish before we ate and several more after supper.


These fish were caught on french fries.


By the way, yes, Justin is that big.


We enjoyed the night thoroughly and promise never to question Kiri’s sanity again.

We STILL Learn Something New Every Day.

Friday, June 11th, 2010

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When we blew into the Dallas area last week, we decided to try something new.  Instead of staying at a regular RV park or the Cedar Hill State Park, where we have in the past, we decided to try out a US Army Corps of Engineers park.  The closest one to the kids and grandkids turned out to be East Point Park on Lake Lavon, near Wylie, TX.


The online reservation system is fantastic, easy to use and is site specific.  They provide huge sites with electric (30/50 AMP) and water.  A sewer dump station is also available.  With the size of the spaces, we almost feel alone.


Here’s the good part….. If you happen to have a federal park discount, such as a senior pass, the cost is only $9.00 per day.  Many of the sites have a waterfront view.


It appears that the park “hosts” have a pretty sweet gig.  They get a covered site with sewer.


They have an entire section for the equestrian types that frequent the park.  Each RV site has its own corral.


Here’s a few tips.  Tip #1 – The gate closes at 10:00 PM.  The photo below shows a few of the cars that parked outside the gate after hours.  I guess they had a nice stroll back to their RV site in the dark.  Tip #2 – We were told that if we come in late, be sure to walk on the pavement because of copperheads , a venomous snake. (I feel that this is a most important tip.)  And finally, Tip #3 – If you happen to be going out with another park visitor and plan to be out after 10:00,  park one car just inside the gate.  Then you can drive up, park outside and have transportation to your campsite with the staged vehicle.


This place is really nice and it will become our home base for future visits.

Three Of Our Favorite Things

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

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Saturday, we were able to combine three of our favorite things into one nice bundle.

We were lucky enough to have the day with our granddaughter Maddie. (Marc’s daughter.)


We spent the day doing a little shopping.  Here she’s  modeling a new dress.

Then we were off to see Marmaduke, the movie.  This was a wonderful movie and enjoyed by all.

Then it was a trip to our favorite pizza place, Papa Murphy’s .  Their all meat pizza is our favorite, but they have a wide assortment.  Pop it in the oven and it is cooked in about 18 minutes.

There you go, Maddie, Movie, and Murphy’s, three of our favorite things.

By the way, congratulations Marc.  Down a total of about 150 pounds and approaching his goal.  You’re looking great.

Hooray for Boo Ray’s

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

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Our favorite restaurant in the Weatherford, Texas area just got even better. Boo Ray’s of New Orleans is located, just as you approach Weatherford on Hwy 180 coming from Fort Worth, at 3039 Fort Worth Highway, Hudson Oaks, TX 76087.


You might not see the sign because it is semi-blocked by the tree in the background.  But you can see the Sonic sign and it is the next driveway.

Rick’s favorite is the stuffed chicken which comes from the lunch menu, and, by the way, can be ordered later than 5:00Pm.

Stuffed Chicken

8 oz. chicken breast and stuffed with shrimp and crab meat stuffing and topped with homemade crawfish holandaise.(click menu to enlarge.)


The full, and obviously Cajun, menu is available at

Now for the reason that they have become even more special.  This week we have the pleasure of taking care of two of our granddaughters, Ayden and Gracie.  We decided to take them to Boo Ray’s for dinner last night, (Monday).  We sat and ate a wonderful meal.  The girls ordered from the Kids Menu.  When the bill arrived, I told the waitress that there must be some mistake because the girl’s meals were only $0.01 each.  She said that was the correct price for Kids Menu items on Monday and Tuesday.  Once again, Hooray for Boo Ray’s.

Here’s the girls review of the french fries.


So much for manners.

By the way, the mixed drinks are only $2.50.  Guess where we’re going for dinner again this evening.

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 31st, 2010

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We’re on the move and in the Granbury, Texas area for the Memorial Day weekend.  Granbury is a fantastic historical town just southwest of Fort Worth.

It turns out that Memorial Day weekend is a really big deal in this town.  We made the mistake of pulling our rig through the town square on our way to the 377 RV Park, located behind the Cowboy Marketplace.  The town was established in the mid-1800’s and is a retirement and antiquing destination.  Most of the buildings date back many years.


The town square is home to the county courthouse and is the site of much of the activity on holiday weekends..


Vendors and musical entertainment abound.


The activities are not limited to the square.  The Granbury City Beach was packed and the boats filled Lake Granbury. The lake has been drawing boaters since about 1970.

Wherever you are this weekend, we hope that you’re having an enjoyable time.  Don’t forget to give thanks to the men and women in our armed forces, to whom we owe everything.