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Mazatlan November 3, 2007

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

On the 2nd, we were walking on the beach at Huatabampito and spotted hundreds of these Marlinspike, auger type seashells.  Here’s a close-up of a couple. 


This picture was taken when the tide was a little higher and doesn’t reflect the nearly solid rows of shells that lined the beach.


We drove about 350 miles yesterday to get to our destination of Mazatlan.  Now in the USA 350 miles would not take all day long.  But in MX a 350 mile drive can be a killer day.  We were up at 6 AM and on the road by 7 AM.  Along the route we have been taking here in MX, we have always chosen the toll roads.  We went through 6 toll roads with the cost of these at  771  pesos which is about  75.00 dollars.  The roads were much better than the earlier part of our trip here in MX.


After missing our first turn off into Mazatlan and having to drive through town we arrived at our RV park at 4 PM.  Keep in mind we are about 60 feet long and driving on very narrow roads with lots of traffic. The RV park is located on the main tourist and hotel beach road.  We are surrounded by high rise buildings.  For instance, next door is the Holiday Inn. We can not believe this RV park has not been swallowed up by big developments.  Of course, everyone is saying it is just a matter of time.  There are about 4 rows of RV slots with the first row right on the beach.  We are on the 4th row and can still hear the sound of the waves.  Since the park is not full we have a view of the ocean from our window.


After we set up the RV for our week’s stay, we walked to the palapa (a thatched covered patio) here in the gated and walled compound and watched the sun set about 6 PM.  There were still plenty of people on the beach and surfers still trying to catch the last wave of the night.


Tomorrow we will start to explore the area and tomorrow night find a sports bar that is showing the Dallas Cowboys game.

San Carlos to Huatabampito – November 1, 2007

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Well, we thought we would make a short day of it and go about 150 miles from San Carlos to Huatabampito, which has been described as the best place to camp on the beach.  We are mid-way between San Carlos and Los Mochis and about 30 miles off the highway right on the beach.

The trip was pretty uneventful for most of the day. We saw sights such as large beer can sign along the road.


Things were going well and we decided to stop in Cd. Obregon at Wal-Mart to stock up on a few things.  At one intersection we had Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Home Depot.  The main difference between here and the states is that the parking is covered.

Covered parking at Sam’s


Covered Parking at Walmart


Later, we reached the towns of Navojoa and Huatabampo.  Both towns were quite modern and prosperous looking.  As luck would have it, the road to Huatabampito was under construction and we made a slight detour through the center of town.  Ignoring Tinka’s insistance to ask for directions to make sure that we were on the correct road, we continued south.  Unfortunately, the road we were on ran parallel to the correct road.  When we reached the end of it, it turned to dirt.

Luckily, a man with three kids in his pickup agreed to lead us back on track.  We made a u-turn and followed.  He turned right onto a dirt covered bridge that was supported by cement pillars.  We followed.  As we made the turn, the right hand trailer tires got too close to the edge of the bridge and the dirt crumbled underneath.  We neglected to take a picture, but it wasn’t pretty.  The trailer was leaning over the canal at about a 60 degree angle.  The back rear corner of the trailer was touching the roadway.

Along came a guy with a tractor and with the help of a chain we have, was able to assist us in backing back onto the road.   We drew quite a crowd as everyone wondered what these gringos were doing here in the first place.  They were all fantastic and helped where they could.

We finally crossed the bridge and were back underway in 15 to 20 minutes.

Another 20 minutes and we were at our destination.  This place is quite unique in that the RV sites are directly on the sand.  We have good power, 30 amp, and Wi-Fi.  They have a restaurant that gave us the first margarita free.  We’re paying $15.00 per night and will be leaving here Saturday, Nov. the 3rd.

Currently, we are the only visitors, but the place will be full in another month.  Here’s our spot.


And the view from our trailer.


Here are some other sites that are a little closer to the water, but the sand is a little softer.


We’ll be moving toward Mazatlan tomorrow which is about 350 miles.

Life’s a journey, sometimes scary!!!!!!!!