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Celestino – March 9-11, 2008

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

We arrived at Celestino RV Park at about 2:00 PM after leaving Lo de Marcos at 7:00 AM.  Celestino is about 60 KM north of Mazatlan.  There are three RV parks on the beach at Celestino; Villa Celestino, Celestino RV Resort, and San Miguel’s RV Resort.  We had reservations at San Miguel’s, but didn’t need them.  There were only two other rigs in the park.  The other two parks appeared to be almost full.

San Miguel’s is the newest of the parks, opening in November, 2007.  The facilities are quite nice.  They have free 30 AMP electrical service, Wi-Fi, beautiful palapas, showers and other amenities.


The beach directly in front of the park has some large rocks showing in the shallow water.  The waves in this area break to the left and appear to be uniform well shaped for the surfers.


The beach has sand near the water but rocks are a major feature.


Just north of the park, the beach is less strewn with the rocks.


Here’s a look from the palapa at the beach to the north of the park.


It seems that, judging from the slim crowd, it appears that San Miguel needs to do a little more PR to build clientele.  Because of the amenities, we think that this park will soon become the most popular in the area.  One point, they turn the water pump off at about 11:00 at night and it gets turned on when the caretaker gets up in the morning.

Tips on getting there:

Take exit at KM 78 and follow the paved road through town toward the ocean.  Watch for topes!!  There are three in the town and they are substantial.  Once you cross the railroad tracks, turn left on the dirt road and head south.  At the time that we arrived, the road was a washboard.  Continue for a few kilometers passing Villa Celeste RV park and the next park (about another KM) is San Miguel.

The park can also be reached by the exit at KM 75 if you are southbound, but the route is a little more convoluted, but less washboard.  Slow down at overpass and go past it.  There are three possible places to exit.  The third looks like a wide pullout which will allow you to get to the road that is just to the south.  Follow the road toward the ocean and cross under the railroad tracks.  The clearance is about 17 feet.  Turn right after the tracks and head north.  San Miguel is the second park on your left.  DO NOT TAKE EXIT 75 FROM THE SOUTH because the cattle guard is out. (SEE COMMENTS FOR CURRENT UPDATES Jan-2009)