We are Rick and Tinka Levvis.

After retiring in March of 2007, we began traveling in our RV full-time. We intend to travel for a few years until we figure out where we want to live when we grow up.

The winter of (2007 – 2008) we traveled down the west coast of Mexico’s mainland.  We visited many out-of the-way places as well as, San Carlos, Mazatlan, Sayulita, and Puerto Vallarto.

We spent most of 2008 along the Texas coast and are spending  the winter of (2008 – 2009) in the Texas Rio Grande Valley near the Mexican border and South Padre Island.  This is an attempt to see if it will be warm enough for us.  If not, it may be back to Mexico next year.

With fuel prices down, we logged about 8000 miles in the summer of 2009.  Our travels took us up the Midwest and across the upper tier of states to New England.  Our return brought us back to Texas through Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Our rig is a 2005 Montana 3500RL, 35 foot, 5th wheel.  The tow vehicle is a souped up Dodge 1-ton diesel pickup. It is equipped with everything Banks Power could put on it, providing nearly 500 horsepower, 1600 ft/lb torque and an exhaust brake to help eliminate downhill terror.

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