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Robyn Jolley Looper 1989 – 2010

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

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We have experienced an unfortunate and sad event. Our daughter-in-law, Kiri’s sister was tragically killed in an automobile accident in the Dallas area.


ROBYN JOLLEY LOOPER was only 23 years old and  left behind hundreds of friends and two beautiful children, Emma and Easton, ages 4 and 3.

emma240.jpg easton240.jpg

Kiri has established a TRUST ACCOUNT for the two children and to facilitate donations to this account, we have added the following Paypal button.

Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated and go a long way toward helping Robyn’s husband, Frank and the children.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Robyn’s family and we are proud to have been included in her extended family.  We will miss you Robyn.

Solar Shade 101

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

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It seems that when we pull into a spot at an RV park, more often than not, the sun will blaze into our rear picture window.  Since it is still above 90 degrees in the daytime here, we decided that the addition of a solar shade was called for.

We shopped around and chose the Sunshade by Carefree of Colorado and purchased it “online” through Camping World.  Since it is a limited item, the stores don’t usually carry this item.

Always the window cleaner, Tinka prepared for the installation.


The Sunshade is an external shade that attaches to the top of the window and hooks at the bottom when extended.


With the help of our friend Dave, the installation team of Tinka and Dave had very little problems.

The top brackets mounted just above the window and can be secured by pop rivets or screws.  Because the wall was hollow at that point, we opted for the rivets.


Upside down works too.

Hooks are mounted below the window to secure the bottom of the shade.


The shade does an amazing job of blocking out the heat of the sun.  The view from the inside of the trailer is dimmed somewhat, and provides virtual privacy from outside view, in daylight.  Don’t get too comfortable at night, the screen is nearly transparent at night with a light on inside.

Mexican Cemetery

Monday, October 11th, 2010

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Not only in Mexico are Mexican cemeteries scenic beauty.  As we get closer to “el Día de los Muertos”, the Day of the Dead, the decorations will only become more elaborate.  We experienced the Día de los Muertos when we spent the winter in Sayulita, MX.  We’ll never forget the loud explosions that were set off beginning at 4:00 AM and continuing every hour on the hour until about midnight.  This went on for several days in anticipation of el día.

Even here in Texas, all of the graves are decorated beautifully.



This cemetery is near Weslaco, Texas.  and apparently each family has a designated section.


The fence is marked with the family names.



Sunday, October 10th, 2010

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Is this progress or a war zone?   Our RV park is adding about 40 new sites.  Each site has its own septic.  This shot shows the ongoing excavation.


Time to fill the holes and dig it up again for the water and electric, then add some roads.  Oh well, it doesn’t look like this new section will be occupied for a few months anyway.