Fish Camp

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If it appears that our life revolves around restaurants and food, you’re finally catching on.

When our daughter-in-law, Kiri, suggested that we try a restaurant called Fish Camp in Royse City, TX, our first thought was that she had lost her mind.  There is no water within several miles of Royse City.

The Fish Camp is located about 3 miles south of Royse City at 7508 County Road 2584. Guess what, they have their own little lake.


We arrived and met with Kiri, Justin, Lance, Jennifer, Gracie, and Katie. (If we’re not already fat enough, click on photo for a fatter picture.)


The menu is varied, delicious, and reasonably priced.

We found that putting Katie in a trance calmed her while the meal was being prepared.


On the small lake beside the restaurant is a very nice deck where bamboo poles are provided and you can actually fish while you wait for dinner.

Justin took Gracie out prior to dinner and she caught about 5 fish before we ate and several more after supper.


These fish were caught on french fries.


By the way, yes, Justin is that big.


We enjoyed the night thoroughly and promise never to question Kiri’s sanity again.

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