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New Storage Door Locks

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

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Nearly everyone with a trailer or 5th wheel are familiar with these storage compartment locks.


It has been our experience that these locks wear out quite easily.  Before long the key can be inserted in either direction.  This is a little tough on the keys.  Unless you’ re careful the keys can get bent or even stuck.  Break one off and you’re in big trouble.

We found a solution.  We spotted some locks at Camping World that look like vending machine door locks. Their description is an ACE key cam lock.



Unfortunately, Camping World only carries two  lengths of lock, 5/8″ and 7/8″.  The short one is fine for the utility access doors, but we needed 1-1/8″ for the thicker doors.  (Click on size for specifics)

The manufacturer of these locks is Prime Products.  I contacted Prime and ordered directly from them.  I ordered six locks in two different lengths and had them keyed alike.

The sturdy keys work great and are certainly easy to spot on the key ring.

There is only one drawback to these locks.  The key can only be removed when in the locked position. But if you can live with that restriction, this is a nice alternative to the standard locks.

Floral Paradise

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

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Even though the Canadian growing season, here in Kelowna,  is much shorter than we are used to, they can really develop some great floral displays.  This row of flowering trees are actually hanging baskets of petunias.


And a beautiful wagon full of more petunias.


We planned to stop and see how they did the hanging baskets, but, they were already closed for the season.  The sign says that they will reopen in March.

Most people are used to seeing grape vines being grown in structured rows, as shown in the last blog entry.  I guess they figured that they could apply the same technique to apples. This technique assures that the sun will hit all apples for a more uniform color.



It has been a nice visit to the north-land to see my mother and sister.  Now I can look forward to the 18 hours of planes and airports en route to South Texas.

A Quick Trip to Kelowna, BC

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

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Tinka has headed north to Kelowna, BC to visit her sister and mother.  Kelowna is located in the Okanagan Valley Region of British Columbia on the border with Washington State.


Lake Okanagan is a popular recreational site for Canadians, who don’t mind frigid water.(CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE.)


Yesterday, Tinka, along with sister, Jenelle, and brother-in-law, John, enjoyed a nice lunch at the nearby Gray Monk Winery.


Obviously, Tinka is the one with the tan.

Here is a shot of the lake, looking out over the vineyard.


Our Own Beach

Friday, September 18th, 2009

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What a difference a day makes.  Following the Labor Day weekend the crowds disappeared.  A few showers breezed by inland, but we stayed dry on the beach. There were absolutely no other beach-goers for miles in either direction.

Looking south from our location you might also notice the absence of seaweed.


The same goes for the view to the north.  You’ll also notice the lack of shells.  It is amazing how the beach changes.  Compare the shell deposits to an earlier visit to SPI this year. (Click Here)


Tinka came up with the best way to keep our umbrella from blowing away by strapping it to the Jeep bumper.

With water temperatures around 86 degrees (30 C), we couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

Our week at South Padre Island turned out to be the best medicine for relaxation after our 8000 mile (13,000 KM) summer trip.  We’ve now moved inland about 70 miles to the Weslaco area for a while.

Tinka is off to Canada to visit her mother and sister for about a week.

Nothing “Biting”

Monday, September 7th, 2009

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First things first, Happy Birthday to Tinka’s sister Jenelle.

Thankfully, not much “biting” on Sunday.


Saturday was a day for catching sting ray, Sunday was reserved for shark.  This one is only about two feet long.