First 2009 Visit to the beach

On Thursday, we made a 27-mile trip to Harlingen for an early morning appointment.  Since we were halfway there, we headed out to South Padre Island with the Jeep. Our earlier visit, in January with Roland and Karen, was limited to our transportation capabilities.  We have learned that the truck is not a beach vehicle.

On that earlier visit, our camera ran out of juice and allowed us to catch only one photo.  This time, we forgot the camera altogether.  Photos on this entry are courtesy of my cell phone camera.

When we reached the island, we headed north to the last beach access (#6) which is 2 miles short of the end of the road.  This access has deep sand and there were two vehicles stuck.  We drove around them and used our winch to extract one Cadillac.  The other vehicle was a pickup towing a trailer.  We had no luck with that one.  The winch just dragged the Jeep across the sand with all wheels locked.  We left the guy with the number for a towing service.

We had not been to the beach at SPI since last summer, just before Hurricane Dolly. Except for some debris in the dunes, we’ve never seen the beach cleaner. The tide was out and the beach was hard and flat.  Perhaps the truck might have made it this time.  The heavy layer of large shells made the travel even smoother.

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About 10 miles north of Access # 6 we spotted a makeshift “sculpture” of leftover hurricane things.


Another couple of miles further we spotted some stuff in the dunes and walked over to take a look.  Some people had set up this nice collection of items at a great vantage point in the dunes.


They even had a couple of televisions.

All along the beach there were people enjoying the water and individuals and couples (even nekkid ones at about 12 miles) were fishing.


The water temperature was about 70 degrees.  Not bad, if you’re a Canadian or a Yankee.

We continued on until we reach the jetty that separates  South Padre Island from Padre Island.  The jetty is 23.5 miles north of Access #6 and is constructed of huge blocks of pink granite.


You can see that the island separation isn’t very wide.  There are lights at the end of both jetties.


The jetty, not only provides separation of the two island, but, boat access to the town of Port Mansfield, which is located on the mainland.


That shot didn’t come from my phone camera.

The repairs, in town, from the hurricane are moving along quite well.  It looks like they will be ready for Spring Break.

We had a wonderful day of exploration and can’t wait to get back there to enjoy the water. (Once it warms up to suit these Texas bodies.)

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