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Washington DC Wednesday, July 17, 2007

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

A few days ago we went on a van tour of Washington, DC.  The tour guide picked us up right at our RV site.  Nice!!!!!  When we boarded, there was already one couple in the van.  Then we drove around the RV Park and stopped at another site and picked up 6 more people in a popup.  Mom and Dad and 4 children. They were 13, 8, 6 and 5.  We both thought, OH NO!!!!  But those children were wonderfully behaved all day long.  As we got out at the end of the day we gave each of them some money as a treat to spend on their vacation.

VA and DC are totally dripping in history.  It seems like every exit has a sign showing a battlefield or a museum.  Most highways and main streets are named for someone in history.  I wonder how many museums there are in the area?Back to our tour.  The first place Lena, our guide, dropped us off was at the Arlington Cemetery.  Just a bunch of burial sites?  NO!!  Robert E Lee’s Mansion sits on top of the hill looking over the land.  


A view of Washington DC from the mansion.

 a-lee-mansion-view.jpg Just down the hill from the front of the mansion was the eternal light and

John Kennedy’s burial site (and his family). 

 a-JFK and Flame

 Nearby was Robert Kennedy’s site with just a simple white cross as a headstone. 


 There are all kinds of statues on the land. 

There is an interesting story about the mansion, which is called the Arlington House.  The mansion, which was intended as a living memorial to George Washington, was owned and constructed by the first president’s adopted grandson, George Washington Parke Custis, son of John Parke Custis, who was a child of Martha Washington by her first marriage and a stepson of George Washington.  Custis built the house on top of the mountain overlooking Washington DC.  The mansion is a faux limestone in front.  He wanted to make an impression on the people looking up at the mansion.  The back end on the house was not done that way because he said no one could see it.  George Washington Parke Custis and his wife, Mary Lee Fitzhugh (whom he had married in 1804), lived in Arlington House for the rest of their lives and were buried together on the property in 1857 and 1853, respectively. On June 30, 1831, Custis’ only child, Mary Anna Randolph Custis, married her childhood friend and distant cousin, Robert E. Lee.Lee was the son of former three-term Virginia Governor Henry (“Light Horse Harry”) Lee and, like his father, was a graduate of West Point.  The couple lived in the house and were keepers, not owners of the land and house.  When Robert E Lee went to fight for the Confederate Army, he and his wife moved away from the mansion during the Civil War.  For a joke(?) the Union Army started burying the Union Soldiers and slaves on the 1,100 acres that Lee had lived on and made his home.  Lee never returned to the Arlington House.For the story click on the blue.

 We saw the changing of the guards of the Tomb of the Unknown Solder.  That was a very precise military exercise and intense to watch. 




There are 30 to 40 funerals there every day.  There was a funeral going on and we saw the laying of a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 


Then right after that we saw a funeral procession with a military band, then 6 horses (with 3 horses with the missing riders) pulling the casket just like during JFK’s funeral procession. 


 Not everyone gets to see all 3 when they visit Arlington Cemetery.  We were very lucky.

Tomorrow we will post the rest of the tour.

Virginia Location Change, Friday 7-13-2007

Friday, July 13th, 2007

We are still in Virginia visiting Rick’s brother and his family.  His younger brother and family have returned to CT.  We stayed at a beautiful RV Park with lots of trees all around us.  The problem with that is we didn’t get any satellite TV and poor phone and wifi service.  So we moved the other day to another pretty place with trees, but they are not right near us.  We are closer to Rick’s brother’s house also.


We have been into Washington, DC on a tour.  We will put pictures about that tour here soon.  We are heading to Mt. Vernon today.

Just wanted to let you all know we are still alive and well and enjoying ourselves.

Lafayette to Washington D.C. July 7, 2007

Monday, July 9th, 2007

We hooked up in the drizzling rain near Houston and headed to Lafayette, LA.  We drove off and on in the rain all day.
Our RV Park was out in the country and very pretty.  Even though we have a washer/dryer combination we were behind on the wash.  Four loads in their commercial machines and we are now caught up.  See even traveling around the country we still have to do the same chores as we did in the stick and brick house.
Here is a picture of the row of RVs’ in our row.

Here is a row of RV’s that look all alike.


Doesn’t quite look like our row of Montanas’ at the Montana Rally.  This is a row of FEMA trailers.  We saw a few RV parks with just all FEMA trailers.
We ate at Rick’s favorite restaurant in Lafayette, Prejeans (prey jzons), with Cajun entertainment.  Rick had a baked lump crab in a cream sauce with cheddar cheese bubbling on top.  Tinka had a combination platter of Crawfish etouffee and fried Crawfish. So much for the diet!!!!!
We wanted to get up early and get on the road.  Not to be.  We wanted to make it to near Montgomery, AL for the day.  It wasn’t to be in the stars as it poured on us most of the day and we fell a few miles short.  As we left Lafayette and headed to Baton Rouge, we drove over a bridge that is about 40 miles long.  It was a bridge crossing the swamps, bayous and lakes.  The bridge was about 30 feet high.  That must have been fun building with the mosquitoes, alligators and all the critters that live there.


 That is not land but green algae on the water.

Another one of the swamp.

We stayed in a city park near Montgomery, AL (that was 5 miles out in the country).  It was very different from all the RV parks we have stayed in everywhere.  Instead of RVs’ parked all in a row, there were one or two sites by themselves scattered throughout the park. 


Most were pull-throughs running parallel with the roads.  Easy in and easy out. We didn’t even unhook for the night.

Our next drive was from Montgomery, AL and spending the night near Atlanta, GA.  One of our favorite songs to dance to is Chattahoochee River by Alan Jackson.  We passed over the Chattahoochee River 2 or 3 times on our drive into GA.  It reminded us of the Guadalupe River near Austin that everyone tubes and floats down.  There were people canoeing and tubing both times we crossed the river.  We couldn’t tell if Alan Jackson was in the crowd!!!!.

Then we drove from GA to Greensboro, NC and stayed in another city park with lots of space.

Last night we arrived in VA to meet up with Rick’s 2 brothers and families.  We are getting ready to go visit them now.  We’ll put a hold on our traveling for a few weeks and do touristy things in the Washington DC area.

To all the people in the DFW area have a dry day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007


Going Home for the First Time Monday, July 02, 2007

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

When we sold our house in Weatherford and started traveling we needed an address.  In Texas you need a physical address for several reasons and a PO Box will not do. What to do as our permanent house is on wheels and moves everywhere?  How are we going to get our mail?  We joined Escapees RV Club and they have a mail forwarding service and provide you with a permanent address.  Their headquarters are in Livingston, TX, hence our Livingston, TX address.  Had we ever been to Livingston?  NO. 

We have been in the Houston area this weekend so we decided to visit our NEW home address.  The truck needed a new sticker and it is now registered in Livingston.  It is a town of about 6,000 people.  We went to the Tax Asseseror’s office and paid our money.  There are a lot of people who pay for registering their cars, motor homes, and 5t wheels that never have been to Livingston just like us.  Livingston must have a large tax base. 

We then drove out in the country about 6 miles and there was our home. It is an RV Park, home sites and the National Headquarters of Escapees.


Everyone using the mail service has an address on Rainbow Drive but we each have our own individual address.  One time we made reservations at a RV Park in AZ and had to give the person on the phone our address.  She had heard of that address several times and asked how long is that street?  Not very long!!!!


This is the full length of Rainbow Drive.


Tinka picking up the mail.


This is the RV area at Escapees.


This is our view at the park we were staying. (click on picture for full size)