Going Home for the First Time Monday, July 02, 2007

When we sold our house in Weatherford and started traveling we needed an address.  In Texas you need a physical address for several reasons and a PO Box will not do. What to do as our permanent house is on wheels and moves everywhere?  How are we going to get our mail?  We joined Escapees RV Club and they have a mail forwarding service and provide you with a permanent address.  Their headquarters are in Livingston, TX, hence our Livingston, TX address.  Had we ever been to Livingston?  NO. 

We have been in the Houston area this weekend so we decided to visit our NEW home address.  The truck needed a new sticker and it is now registered in Livingston.  It is a town of about 6,000 people.  We went to the Tax Asseseror’s office and paid our money.  There are a lot of people who pay for registering their cars, motor homes, and 5t wheels that never have been to Livingston just like us.  Livingston must have a large tax base. 

We then drove out in the country about 6 miles and there was our home. It is an RV Park, home sites and the National Headquarters of Escapees.


Everyone using the mail service has an address on Rainbow Drive but we each have our own individual address.  One time we made reservations at a RV Park in AZ and had to give the person on the phone our address.  She had heard of that address several times and asked how long is that street?  Not very long!!!!


This is the full length of Rainbow Drive.


Tinka picking up the mail.


This is the RV area at Escapees.


This is our view at the park we were staying. (click on picture for full size)


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  1. Sister says:

    Of course, I’m mostly interested in what mail you got. But there was probably so much of it, you don’t know yet!!
    Beautiful pictures and so interesting to see your address home.

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