Catch-22 and Time

 In 1970, the movie Catch-22 was filmed, in part, at Playa Los Algodones in San Carlos, Mexico.  The beach is some of the most beautiful white sand dunes that we have seen.  You can see that new construction is cropping up on the northern edge of the beach.


Looking to the south, the dunes stretch back about a quarter of a mile toward the road.  Apparently the Mexicans are trying to be diligent about the preservation of the dunes.  Their efforts may be sending the wrong signal.  There are signs at the beach that you can’t ride horses or 4-wheelers on the beach or in the dunes.  To enforce this, a police officer was perched on top of the dunes with his 4-wheeler.


I’m sure that back in 1970 you could look out over the bay and see nothing but sand.  Here’s what Playa Los Algodones looks like today from the hills to the south.


In another 38 years you probably won’t see anything but condos and hotels.

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