Tucson, AZ – Montana Rally Spring 2008

I know!!!  I know!!!  I  know!!!  It has been a long time since we wrote a blog about where we are.  We apolgize.  We have been busy enjoying the USA again.

Rick got several regular things done to the truck like oil change, alignment and etc.  The day he did that he dropped me off at a real MALL.  Getting the truck worked on took most of the day.  Believe it or not, I got so tired of shopping and walking around the mall that the last hour I went outside and sat on a bench and waited for him.  I guess I am out of practice!!!!

We moved east across Tucson to attend our Montana Rally.  Our 5th wheel is a Montana.  We are staying at the enormous Voyager RV Park.  The Montana group has planned activities and seminars every day.  Of course, one of the activities is eating!!!!!!!  We have been preparing to present a seminar on Wintering in Mexico tonight.

There are about 30 Montanas here.




Sunday night we met several other bloggers at the Blue Willow Restaurant.  We all read each other blogs so it is really fun to meet face to face.  One couple, JoAnn and Doug, we had met before and had dinner at their place last week.  They also have a Montana and are attending the Montana Rally.  We met Jim and Ellie who had traveled to San Carlos, MX with Jo Ann and Doug.  Attending our blogger dinner was Froggi Donna, who is a solo traveler and blogger.  She is well known throughout the blogger world. (Click on their names to go to their blogs)

There are pictures of the dinner on JoAnn and Doug’s Blog – http://www.mytripjournal.com/ev/329104

Beaudry RV Sales brought over 6  2008 Montanas so that we could walk through them and  dream of owning a brand new rig. 


A representative of Keystone, the company that makes Montanas, was here yesterday to answer our questions and go around to each rig and discuss any problems we might have.

We still are discussing where we are going when the Montana Rally is over.  We probably will go up to Flagstaff and then to the Grand Canyon.

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  1. Froggi Donna says:

    It was so great to meet you and Rick…I’ve followed your blog for a while but it just didn’t click at first. I think I’m STILL stuffed from dinner….LOL!

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