San Carlos, A Last Look

Before leaving San Carlos last week we decided to take a drive to the far end of the bay where we could see lights at night from the shore.  This was in the direction of Guaymas, but mid-way between the towns.  We found several large complexes of condos.  You can see one of them on the right-hand part of this picture.  San Carlos is across the bay.  Click on Picture to enlarge.


In this area we discovered a piece of property that we might be able to afford.  It appears that someone gave up on their dream and left.


We continued around the bay and came across some interesting rock formations, one in the mountain…….


And another little island rock…..


A little farther around the bay we arrived in an area of nice homes and a fishing fleet.  I’m not sure whether one has anything to do with the other.  Many of the boats were out doing what they do, but a few remained.


This market area appeared poised for the return of the boats so that they would have something to sell.


On the far side of the bay we ran into the Playa de Cortez Hotel and Trailer Park.  We hadn’t seen any reviews of this park, but it looked pretty nice.


Each site had some shade and a concrete “patio”.  A rig the size of ours, with 4 slides may have had a little problem with the width of the sites, but you could fit about any length in them.  If you wanted to be out of the hustle and bustle of San Carlos or Guaymas, this might be the spot.


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