Branson to St Louis

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Leaving the Pea Patch RV Park in Branson was no picnic.  Our “pull-through” RV site was anything but.   The park is on such an incline that we could not make a turn to go out forward.  The park operators told us to contact them when we were ready to leave and they would assist us in pulling out.  We had to back out of our slot and head up the extremely steep hill to the site closest to the top of the hill.  If the place had been full, we may never have been able to leave.

Once we worked our way back through the mountains toward Springfield, MO the remainder of the trip to St Louis was pretty uneventful.

From Springfield, Interstate 44 E is a direct shot to  St. Louis.  We kept seeing signs that portions of historic Route 66 were running along side our path. Old rusted vehicles and old obsolete signs were everywhere.


How about a ’49 or ’50 Ford.


We had written some about Route 66 when we went through Arizona last year. (See Article)  So, we decided to take a little side trip down the old road for about 10 miles.  Route 66 buildings are easily recognizable. Here’s one that used to be an old gas station.


Many of the homes along the way are also from that period.


Upon arrival in St Louis, we crossed the Mississippi and set up our rig in Illinois at the Cahokia RV Parque.  A huge storm was bearing down on us and we finished setting up in record time just as the first rain drops fell.

Later we headed back to St. Louis to visit with Rick’s uncle, Richard, and his wife Shirley.  They live along a golf course and we were treated to a beautiful view out their back door once the rain stopped.


We went out to eat and had our fill of some great Italian food.  It was good to get together with Dick and Shirley.

We have a few excursions planned while we are in the St. Louis area and will report on them very soon.

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