Cahokia Mounds

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It’s amazing what you just come across on your travels.  Located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, the Cahokia Mounds is a well kept secret.  There is a very informative “Interpretive Center” on the grounds.  Between about 650 and 1400 AD, a prehistoric city of up to 20,000 Native Americans from the Mississipian Culture was established.


This is a drawing of the city based on the archeological digs at the site.


The main structure, Monk’s Mound, is 92 feet tall and is the largest earthen mound in the Americas.  The Cahokia site is the largest site north of Mexico.  This photo of a mural on the wall of the Interpretive Center shows Monk’s Mound with its temple and game fields.


It probably won’t surprise anyone when I say that I opted out of climbing the steps on Monk’s Mound.


There are several shapes for the mounds.  This dome shape indicates a burial mound.


The leaders, or chiefs, were housed in the temples or other structures on top of the flat topped mounds.  The head chief lived atop Monk’s Mound so he could oversee the entire community.

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