We Couldn’t Resist One More Beach Visit

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After we got our shed  and other stuff stowed at our Rio Grande Valley site, we couldn’t resist one final visit to South Padre Island. Since this was the Thursday before Memorial Day, we grabbed a room at the Super 8 Motel on the island.  The rate was about $50.  They wanted $150 for Friday night and $250 each for Saturday and Sunday.  Needless to say, we headed inland for our Friday night stay and then back to Rockport for the rest of the weekend.

On our way to the island, we were awed by the mimosa trees that were everywhere.


They are really pretty from a distance, but pretty messy if you have to clean up all the junk that they drop.  The owners of this house likes them so much that they had a tile roof installed that matches the color of the trees exactly. They even did the carport.


There was a low pressure off of the Florida panhandle and when we reached the island, we were amazed at how high the surf had come up.  It was nearly time for low tide and the water was still up to the dunes in some areas.


At some points we were forced to drive on the back side of the dunes.  That was a first.


We had an interesting 10 mile drive up the beach and picked out a spot to set up on a high spot.  At times the water came up all around us.


A wandering heron found a fish in one of the flooded areas on the beach.


Tinka helped the sea gulls with a little popcorn.


There is always an idiot on the beach.  A guy came wandering up to us and asked if we could help him extricate his pickup from the surf.  Tinka took this picture from about a half a mile down the beach while I pulled him free.  That winch has been a lifesaver for many people.


We plan to be back at SPI by Labor Day.

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