Moving Assets

We’re getting ready to travel this summer through the mid-section of the US and decided it was time to consolidate and stash some stuff.  With our annual Rockport RV site expiring, we decided to move things to our Rio Grande Valley annual site.

After living nearly 18 months near the beach, the first item on the agenda was to remove the 5th wheel hitch, remove all of the rust, re-paint and re-lubricate.  It really wasn’t that much work.


The next thing was to borrow a trailer and load a shed and grill on board for the trip south.


Loading the shed was interesting.  I backed the trailer near the shed and put out a couple of ramps.  Then disconnected the truck and moved it away from the trailer so we could position the jeep and, with the use of the jeep winch, slide the shed into position.

We loaded the shed with stuff we didn’t think that we would need, like boogie boards, generator, surf fishing gear, other beach stuff, etc.  We loaded the heavier-than-hell stainless grill and we were off with Tinka following in the jeep.  We’re parking that for the summer too.

Holding the speed down to keep the roof from blowing off, I noticed the doors bulging. I hopped on the ladder and put a couple of screws in place to hold it together.

With a little trial and error, mission accomplished.

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