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We left Edinburg, TX. shortly after noon and headed back to Rockport after stowing our stuff and Jeep for a few months. About 25 miles later, we were passing through the town of Raymondville, TX and decided it was about lunch time.  When we looked around at the vehicles, we weren’t hopeful about finding anything.


We located a place that was crowded and looked like a pretty good restaurant.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a gaming hall, slot machines, etc.  Apparently people don’t get very hungry around here.  We asked the proprietor for some suggestions and we drove a few blocks to The Boot Co. Restaurant, Bar and Grill.


This place used to be a boot shop that was run by guy that made boots for people like Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman and European royalty.  The way the story goes on the back of the menu, “the business dropped off shortly after the owner’s death”.  Several years later, they turned it into a restaurant.  Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised when we went through the door.  The decorations are really interesting and unique.  Now for the food, Tinka had really good catfish and I had the best mushroom burger that I have had in years.

The Boot Company is located at:

205 East Hidalgo Avenue
Raymondville, TX 78580
Phone: (956) 689-3850
If you find yourselves heading down Hwy 77 and getting hungry, be sure to stop in.  By the way, if you are heading north, there is no place to eat for about 65 miles.

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