Tips On Choosing A Beach Day

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Almost any day can be a great beach day if:

  •   The sun is shining.


  • The tide is not too high.

Here’s an exception that we discovered upon our arrival to the National Seashore one day.  The wind was blowing heavily from the dunes toward the Gulf.

We noticed the sand blowing off of the tops of the dune.


It is difficult to see, but, the sand was covering tire tracks almost immediately.


The tops of the waves were being blown back to sea.


Needless to say it was miserable.  We didn’t stay out of the jeep for more than a couple of minutes and we were chewing sand for the rest of the day.

Now, just to show you that any type of weather will please someone, we left the gulf side and headed over to the bay side of the island and noticed a whole parking area full of vehicles of all sorts.


Their owners had gathered to enjoy that very same wind on the bay side that drove us from the beach.

The wind was too strong for the kite boarders, but the wind surfers were there in droves on the normally smooth bay.


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