Fan Issues

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You can imagine my surprise to be comfortably working a Sudoku problem and hear a loud clatter right above my head. Apparently the exhaust fan had chosen this time to perform dis-assembly.


The fix to this problem is much easier than I made it to be.  I won’t go into my initial method.  The correct fix is to:

  1. Remove the fan frame (held together by four screws).
  2. Remove the crank handle.
  3. Remove the two screws holding the screen.
  4. Pull what is left of the fan blade off of the shaft.
  5. Take the old blade to the store to insure that you buy the correct orientation, Left Hand vs. Right Hand.
  6. Push a new blade onto the shaft.
  7. Re-assemble everything in reverse order.

Cost for the repair was $8.68.

Follow-up note: The fan blade was really brittle and when it came apart, it just shattered. The guy at the RV shop said that it is made from the same material as the vent covers.  That may explain why they will all eventually crack.  They always last longer than the warranty, so it must be planned obsolescence.

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