Sand and Bodies Galore

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Port Aransas, a town at the north end of Mustang Island,  hosts its annual SandFest each April. This is a sand sculpture competition.  Numerous professional and over 200 amateurs took part in the 2009 version three-day festival.


In this  aerial photo by Dan Parker, The Port Aransas South Jetty,   you can see some of the 100,000 visitors that come to view the activities.


We made a short tour through the exhibits and returned on Monday, after the competition ended, to get a closer look.

One very large pile of sand was shaped into a display naming all of the sponsors for SandFest.


Certain sand sculptures  are completed by individuals, some by duos and others, by teams of artists.


Some of the pictures are linked to a larger view if you are interested.

This one, “Consumed by Time” was our favorite and a favorite of the judges.


The detail in these musicians is amazing.


From someone who can’t even draw a hand that doesn’t look like a stick figure,  I can’t imagine creating one out of sand.


This castle is one that I couldn’t imaging keeping in tact without falling.


How about Margaritaville?  See the shaker of salt, etc.?


More of a sun worshiper design


Can you imagine creating the blanket shown here from sand?


Oops, somebody got swallowed up by a shell.


It looks like someone found something that they could make out of old lace doilies.


Just couldn’t resist.

You may want to put next year’s SandFest in your itenerary,  April 9, 10, and 11, 2010.

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