Spaghetti Night

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The other night we participated in an Italian pot luck.  Tinka wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t make it to the dinner.   Rick had prepared a monster pot of sauce and a couple of pounds of pasta for the get-together.  There were tons of food for all in attendance.

Returning home with left-overs, Rick let it sit to cool of a bit before transferring  the food to baggies for the freezer.  At about 11:00 PM, we discovered why Rick doesn’t usually participate in the bagging process.  When almost all of the food was bagged, the bag got a mind of its own and took a header to the kitchen floor.


It took more than an hour for Rick to clean up the mess from the floor, walls, carpet, and anything else in sight.  This included hosing Rick off outside to remove what landed on him.

In the morning, Tinka was pleasantly surprised at the result of the clean-up effort.

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