How long ago was Christmas?

We have been so busy since Christmas that we did not do a blog when part of our family came for Christmas in Puerta Vallarta.

Lance, one of our sons, and Ayden, a granddaughter, arriving in Puerta Vallarta on Christmas Day.


When we got home we opened a few presents (Sayulita T shirts for everyone) plus beach toys for Ayden.


As it was getting bedtime, Ayden started questioning us if Santa was coming because she was in Mexico.  I, (Grammy) didn’t want her to be disappointed because Santa was not bringing her lots of gifts this year.  I explained to her not many people got to come to Mexico for Christmas and that she was a very lucky little girl to be here.  I asked her if she knew anybody else that got to visit MX for Christmas.  She shook her head yes.  I could not believe that she knew  anyone else (such as in her class) that was coming to MX.   Who do you know that is coming to MX ?  Her answer was “Everyone on her plane was coming to MX”.   Well, duh, Grammy!!!!!!

Ayden lost a tooth brushing her teeth. That is the 2nd one she lost in a week.   The tooth fairy brought her 150 pesos ($1.50).


How many little girls were visited by Santa and the tooth fairy the same night?

Sayulita is a famous surfing town.  Lance took surfing lessons. Got so inspired by the sea adventures, so bought also those highly rated scuba fins for the next time.



We took them to several beaches.  Digging in the sand is a favorite.


Jumping waves is fun.


We took them to La Peñita to the market.  This market has everything.

A girl is never too young to get interested in jewelry.


Baskets and purses galore.


 Every fruit and veggie, known and unknown to man.


And large inventories of wraps and dresses.


A girl is also never too young to shop for new dresses.


On the way back home, to Sayulita, we stopped back at the La Peñita RV Park and watched a heated water volleyball game.  There were three teams comprised of residents of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.  On a holiday, the park is about 40% Mexican, 50% Canadian, and the remaining 10% are from the United States.  The much younger Mexicans were defending their 2006 title.


Unfortunately for the majority, the underdog US team reigned supreme.

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