Preparing To Change Neighborhoods – January 7, 2008

Yesterday’s blog definitely qualifies Rick as a Dirty Old Man !!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to move from our spot here in Sayulita because another 5th wheel is due in our place in a few days.  This popular RV park is always full at this lovely beach. 

We took a short trip to look at our new RV Park in Lo de Marcos, about 16 kilometers to the north.


We wanted to be sure there was a spot for us before we headed there in a couple of days.  There was someone in our place.  But they were busy cleaning and packing up and will move out tomorrow.  Thank goodness!!!  We have lots to do ourselves tomorrow to get ready to move.  Everything needs to be in a locked down mode as we travel.

Ron’s RV Park – our new home!


We always have to check out the local dining establishments.


Notice the brick ceiling.  These are very common in MX.


Glancing out the restaurant window, bird watching appears to be pretty good here also.


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