Touring Puerto Vallarta

While Lance and Ayden were in town we thought we would take a tour of Puerto Vallarta.  With our Dodge dually it isn’t easy getting around all over the small roads everywhere.  Besides Rick is too busy driving to sightsee.

We got up very early January 1 after celebrating New Year’s Eve at the RV park.  We drove to town, about an hour south, and parked at Wal-Mart to meet our guide, Alfredo. He was very informative and took us through the old part of Puerto Vallarta.  Along with our friends Pat and Gary, from La Peñita RV Park, the motley crew hit the road.


Quit hiding in the shadows, Pat.


People think the bull fights are a favorite place to attend but in old PV the rodeo, was a Sunday tradition. (Excuse the drive-by photo.)


As we drove along the shoreline, called the Malecon, we noticed a beach full of sand sculptures.

Wise men and sand castle from the street.



Other examples taken from the sidewalk.





Up to the top of the city to get some great views.  (Note the high-rises on the far side of the bay through the hazy morning sky.)



Looking out toward the bay south of town.  The rock structure is called the arches. Click on photo to enlarge.


Here’s a close up of the arch in one of the rocks.


The Night of the Iguanas was filmed here in 1963.   It starred Richard Burton.  Elizabeth Taylor had just finished starring with Richard Burton in Cleopatra.  This was the beginning of their love affair and both were married to other people.  She was married to Eddie Fisher. While Richard Burton was filming The Night of the Iguanas, Elizabeth Taylor came down to PV and bought a house here.  Basically, all the gossip about their affair put Puerto Vallarta in the spotlight.  Before that it was a small fishing village and after 1963 people started vacationing here.

This is a shot of the area where the film was shot. The set is near the point.  Click on Picture to enlarge.


Here is a picture of one of the set buildings, near the point.


Predator was also filmed here along with about 10 other films.

Predator jungle.


We stopped to have lunch.  The restaurant is located in the area where they shot Predator.  Sometimes a diver is here diving off these rocks.  Not much water for diving today.



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