Mushroom Vent Cover

Most of the plastic covers that are on the roof of RV’s are manufactured with designed obsolescence in mind.  The vents that crank open for ventilation, the range hood vent door, and many light lenses are made of material that has a low tolerance for  exposure to the sun.  They simply deteriorate, becoming very brittle and cracking.  We have had to replace all of the roof vents on our Montana and have also added Maxi-Vent covers to help protect them in the future, but if you really need to replace it, is better to get professionals as a vancouver plumbing company to help with this.

No different are the mushroom vent covers that allow for pressure equalization and ventilation of the “attic” area between the roof and the indoor ceiling. (Click on Photo for Close-Up)


At least this vent offers a simple solution.  New vents are available at various RV stores for somewhere between $9.00 and $18.00, depending on the dealer’s particular gouge factor. (Montana Part Number 102776.)


Simply unscrew the cap from the old assembly in a counterclockwise motion and replace it with the cap from the new one.  If the portion under the cap is damaged, simply replace the entire vent by removing the four nuts and installing the new one.  Don’t forget to use some plumber’s tape to protect from leaks.

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