Falcon Resevoir

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A scenic route from Laredo back to our South Texas location is to follow US Hwy 83 which follows the Rio Grande River and the US border with Mexico.

The route takes you through several small, typical South Texas towns.  It was Sunday, but it appears that many of these buildings are boarded up.


When driving through South Texas, it is difficult to keep your windshield clean because of the huge populations of butterflies.  These butterflies are drawn only to plants that are native to this subtropic area.  Unfortunately, 95% of these local plant species have been forced into extinction.  Many residents and park authorities have been promoting the planting of more of the remaining native plants. (Click on picture for larger view.)


We had been wanting to visit the Falcon Lake area.  The reservoir extends along the Rio Grande River from the Falcon Dam on the southeast to the town of Zapata, Texas on the northwest.  The Falcon State Park occupies a large section on the US side of the lake.


The Falcon Dam was constructed in the early 1950’s and is dedicated to Mexican President Cortines and US President Eisenhower.  The roadway on top of the dam provides a border crossing between the two countries. (Click on Photo to Enlarge)


As with all sections of the Rio Grande River, including most of its reservoirs or lakes, residents on both sides of the border have equal access for fishing and other recreation.  With the recent focus on border security, this must give the border patrol headaches.

Looking at the real estate prices in the area, Falcon Lake seems to be a real bargain when it comes to lakefront property.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Falcon State Park is one of our favorite locations. We try to spend time there at least once every winter. It is a great place for birding.

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