FM 1015, Onion Or Not?

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I’m sure that it is a coincidence, but here along Farm to Market FM 1015, just north of Weslaco, TX, fields of the Texas 1015 onions are grown in the late winter and early spring.  Unfortunately, this past winter provided the area with too much water for proper onion harvesting.

It wasn’t until late April that some of the fields were processed.  One of the fun things about living in the Rio Grande Valley is watching the cycle of this vast source of vegetables and fruit.  Once harvested, certain vegetables, like carrots and onions that don’t meet specifications of size and shape, are left in the field.

Several “Winter Texans” enjoy trying to find usable leftovers that are completely fine for consumption, but not particularly pretty.  Here, Tinka fills a bag with leftover onions, while Rick, wisely, stayed in the jeep.


We were told later that the fruit and vegetable stands were not using Texas onions this year because of the water damage.  Most of our onions are coming from Mexico this year. Hopefully, we’ll have better luck with the weather next year.

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