Branson Arrival with stop at Bass Pro

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It is a beautiful drive through the Ozark Mountains before arriving at Branson, Missouri .


Just a note regarding our location.  We are staying at the Pea Patch RV Park and Campground in Branson.  They are located very close to the action just off Hwy 76.  We have excellent power, water, sewer and free Wi-Fi.  Their information indicates that they can handle rigs up to a combined length of 70 feet.  Don’t bet on it.  We just barely approach 60 feet and found that making one of the turns inside the park was nearly impossible.  Getting out of here is going to be interesting too.

We plan to go see the Jim Stafford show tonight and the performance SIX tomorrow night with dinner.  We’ll report on that beginning tomorrow.

Today we decided to make a trip back up the road to Springfield, MO and check out the original Bass Pro Shop.

On the way, we decided to stop at the world famous Lambert’s Cafe in Ozark, MO.  You can see by the parking lot that this is a popular place.  It was 11:45 and the wait was already about 30 minutes.


The crowd lined up outside.


We elected to wait inside.  The walls covered with license plates and memorabilia.


They are famous for their huge portions and also for their “throwed rolls”.  If you want a roll, you hold up your hand and a waiter tosses a roll across the restaurant to you.  No lie.  Here’s a shot of a waiter (with red suspenders) in action.


When I said that the portions were large, I wasn’t kidding.  Here is Tinka’s lunch arriving in a skillet.


That’s not all, they kept coming around with okra, rolls, potatoes, molasses, and other items.  Needless to say, we were stuffed.

When we arrived at the Bass Pro Shop, we were amazed at the size of the place compared to the other stores scattered around the country.  Even more impressive was the decoration.  Some areas had low ceilings with beautiful lighting.


In other areas the ceilings were as if you were looking at the surface of a lake from below.  Note the boat and the bottom side of the ducks.


Their trophy walls are quite impressive, even by our son Marc’s standards.



They even have a 40,000 sq. ft. boat show room.

The Outdoor World Fish and Wildlife Museum, which is located at the store, is undergoing renovation and will be ready in the fall.

In the parking lot, we found this camouflaged  pickup that they were going to give away.  Man, somebody has patience for painting all the details.


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