Galveston and the Three Little Pigs

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After touring the devastated Bolivar Peninsula,  we didn’t know what we would see when we arrived in Galveston.  On the Bolivar side, we found some landscaping (or clearing) on both sides of the approach to the ferry.


We hopped on the ferry and parked behind Rick’s dream boat.


This boat was formerly a US Coast Guard patrol boat and similar to those we observed being used by the Border Patrol along the Rio Grande. (see our Rio Grande boat tour) Now it is operated by NOAA.


As we exited the ferry on Galveston Island we noticed that the clean-up continues.


We noticed what used to be a large public beach area, stores and facilities.  Now it is “undeveloped”


Next door we find what used to be a restaurant.


Years ago, Rick spent the night at the old Flagship Hotel that is located on a pier in the Gulf of Mexico.  It was kind of scary at the time, thinking about being over the water.  Now we can see that the fear was justified. At least the place was still standing as we approached, but Hurricane Ike wasn’t kind to the landmark.


From the balcony of Fish Tales, a restaurant across the street, we were able to catch a panoramic view of  the Flagship. (Click on the Photo to Enlarge)


Access to the hotel is a little tough.  The waves have knocked one of the two driveways from its mounts.


Also, some of the rooms  are a little more open air than most of us would appreciate.


We noticed the same damage at the Bahia Mar Hotel on South Padre Island after Hurricane Dolly.  The wind does some real damage on the corners where the rooms have a balcony.  The end wall starts tearing and continues around the side of the building.

At least one of the 5-story art deco mermaids remained in tact.


By the way, the Fish Tales restaurant is restored and didn’t disappoint. We finished up dinner at about 5:30 and headed farther south on the island.

It appears that the Galveston seawall has done a fairly good job in protecting most buildings.  Galveston didn’t get the huge storm surge that was seen on the Bolivar Peninsula.  You can see by the storm track that I modified from a NOAA source, that the storm came to shore at Galveston Bay and caused the stronger surge on the right hand size.


We were pleased to see that many of the colorful stilt house communities came through the storm pretty well.


Last summer we spent a week, interrupted by Hurricane Edouard, at the Galveston Island State Park.  Oops, it’s gone.  The sign says that there is a new park in the planning stage.


Well, at least there is a bathroom left.


Now, to the Three Little Pigs

Apparently the little pig that decided to use masonry, had things pegged pretty well.

When Hurricane Ike huffed and puffed, it looks like a single story stilted house doesn’t cut it.


This one has a pretty good sag going on.


Here’s a neighborhood that is under reconstruction.


Not even the geodesic dome houses fared very well.


The third little pig would be proud of the way these homes fared. These homes are constructed in various styles, cinder block, solid cement blocks, and bricks.  Usually the first floor is used for storage and garage.  The lower area would have had some water damage, but the structures came out fine after some foundation repair.


Cement construction and storm screens seem to be the best.


Before heading back to the mainland, we passed through Surfside.  There was quite a bit of damage in this town.  The Red Snapper Inn, one of our favorite restaurants in town seems to be back in business.


Across the bridge we went and headed into Freeport, TX on our way back to Rockport.  It was a long day, 14 hours and just about 600 miles.  We’re glad that we took the extra time to make this side trip.

If you’re in the area, local businesses would love your business and support.

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  1. debbie says:

    when I was a kid my dad rented that dome house I belive that is the one. we are planning to come that way where can I rent a cheap house on the beach?

  2. Rick and Tinka says:

    That is amazing that your dad rented the same house. To your question about renting a cheap house on the beach, I’m not sure that one exists. We have come to find that there is nothing cheap near the beach. Good luck.

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