Recap on Christmas 2008 Activities

Since our trip to Dallas for Christmas, we’ve been busy upon our return to the Rio Grande Valley by way of Corpus Christi.  We’ll do some rapid updates on the recent two weeks.As we mentioned earlier, we were watching two of our grandchildren during the week prior to Christmas.  Well, along came Christmas Eve and we heading off to stay a couple of days at Justin and Marc’s mother’s house.  That would be Nola and her husband, Barry.  The girls were dressed in their new party dresses and excited to get on with the festivities.  Ayden is on the left and Maddi on the right.


Nola had set a beautiful table for an Italian style Christmas dinner.


She really gets into candles.

The kids had their own table.  That’s Maddi, Gracie, and Ayden from left to right.  The girls had a great time together.


They donned their appropriate headgear to get ready for presents.


Gracie and Justin keep an eye on Kiri as she digs in to one of her presents.  We’re happy to announce that Kiri and Justin will provide us with yet another granddaughter in March.


Even the two dogs enjoyed the unwrapping process.


On Christmas morning Santa arrived and added to the piles of booty.  Following breakfast, Marc took Maddi and Ayden on a little hike to the lake.


We’re really proud of Marc’s weight loss progress.  He is down about 130 pounds, from his all-time high, with the assistance of a lap band procedure.

We had a wonderful time and want to thank Nola and Barry for their fantastic hospitality.  Unfortunately I didn’t get them to pose for a photo, so I had to resort to a file photo here.


On the 26th, we headed over to Lance and Ayden’s house for the day where Ayden taught her grandmother how to use her new Nintendo DS so she can work on her “Brain Age”


From their house, we headed across town to spend the night with some friends, Jerry and Dana, before we headed south to the Rio Grande Valley on the 27th.

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