Pre-Christmas in the Arctic

As luck would have it, Rick forgot to bring a jacket along as we headed to the Dallas area for Christmas with family.  Thank goodness that Rick’s son Marc had a jacket he could use because it is freezing here.  It will start warming up for Christmas Day.

We’re imposing on Marc and bumming the use of his house for the visit.  You can see that he is a staunch supporter of PETA.


There are trophies around the entire living room.



We were pleased to supervise Ayden and Maddi, two of our granddaughters, while their fathers were working this week.  They have been wonderful, even when we traveled the 90 miles to Weatherford for a doctor appointment.

Here, the girls busied themselves working on each other’s projects while Papa focused on the computer.


We were victorious in tiring them out enough for them to nod off while watching a DVD.


Today we’re getting them ready for Christmas Eve activities at Grandma Nola’s house.

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Keeping with the living room theme, we leave you with these final thoughts.


and finally


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