If the sun shines, it’s windy!!

We’ve had some interesting weather.  In general it has been great.  Many days in the 80’s, however, about 2 days a week we get a cold front through and the temperature drops considerably.  This is unlike our experience last year in Mexico where every day was beautiful with a high around 85 and lows around 65.  The wind also blows about 20 MPH most of the time when the sun is out here in South Texas.  The flag in the photo below is usually standing out straight in one direction or another.a-wind.jpg

The other day we were playing petanque (a French game kind of like boccie ball) when the temperature went from 82 degrees to 50 degrees in a matter of 2 minutes.

As mentioned in an earlier entry, time finally arrived when one of our recliners approached the unusable status that all recliners finally reach.  You might guess that it was Rick’s.   Anyway, we  replaced both chairs from a merchant at the flea market with some nice wall-huggers.

We’ll give the one usable chair away but we needed to get rid of the bad one.  So off to the dump we went.  We scaled what must be the highest point in the valley, the Hidalgo County landfill.  It is amazing how much plastic gets tossed out.  They have installed fences just to catch the bags as they blow around.


From up on top of the landfill, we had a nice view of the orange grove below.  I’m not sure that I want fruit with this run-off.


The citrus trees are really full and picking is in high gear.  We’ve seen both orange and grapefruit trees.  Below are some Texas Ruby Red’s.


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