Back to Mexico —- Briefly

Yesterday we took a trip to Nuevo Progreso, about 20 miles south of our park.

You may have read recent reports about the danger along the border towns in Mexico related to drug trafficing.  Nuevo Progreso is a town just south of Weslaco, Texas.  Nuevo Progreso is considered to be safe for tourists.  We did, however, notice military presence just south of the border.


The military had several sand bag, machine gun, bunkers just past the entrance to the town.  These bunkers and all of the military vehicles were all facing south.

Nuevo Progreso is where we will generally have our dental work done.  We’ve been coming here even while we lived in the Fort Worth area.  The town has not changed much.  The main street is very busy and lined with dental offices, drug stores, and craft stores.


As expected, this time of year we found some shops dedicated to peñata sales.


We had lunch at the Red Snapper Restaurant, one of the many fine restaurants in the area. As you can see, it was filled with a wide selection of “old people”.


One block to the west of the main street we found the plaza.


You might think that you were in a different city.  The plaza and the street were nearly deserted.

The temperature was around 80 degrees, but the relative humidity was approaching 100%.  When we arrived, about noon, the sidewalks were wet from the damp air.  The sun began to dry them off as the day marched on.

After lunch and a stop at a drug store, we made it back across the border and were home by about 2:30 PM.

Tomorrow we’re off to Dallas to spend Christmas with family.

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