Margarita Challenge

Well, first things first—–

Happy Birthday to our youngest Granddaughter Maddi on her 3rd BD.


Now to more serious business — The Margarita Challenge

This is an annual event put on by some US and Canadian visitors.  The proceeds go to a local La Peñata school.

The Restaurante Piña Colada was the site for the festivities.  The weather for the evening was perfect, of course  Several hundred guests had their choice of shrimp, chicken or prime rib.  It took some consultation with the butcher so that he understand how prime rib is cut.  Mexicans generally use very thin slices of beef.

The restaurant was decorated with a strange combination of flags and beer bottle cases hanging from the ceiling.  No US flag, but there was a Communist China flag.



The Margarita Challenge is set up to judge the best margaritas in three categories.  Three mixologists from local restaurants compete in each category.  It is not a contest for the skimpiest costume, but here is one of the contestants with her assistant.


The three judges on the opposite side of the table had their work cut out for them.  The results of each mix were distributed to the judges and then the two additional drinks were sold in auction.  For each mix, the winning bid and the runner-up each received a beautiful drink.  Winning bids were generally in the area of 1000 pesos or $100 USD.

In conjunction with the contest for the best margarita, a silent auction was held for various items that had been donated for the cause.  Many liquor, wine, art and craft items were available for bid.  Our only bid, and win was for a large bottle of Crown Royal.

The little daughter of the contestant pictured above, on the left, spent most of her time dancing.  Sometimes she would find a partner.  This woman managed to dance a full song in this position.  Makes my knees ache.


There were 33 people from Ron’s RV Park in attendance.  We had two full tables filled up.  Some people drove themselves, while many of us opted for a cab ride for the 30 Km round trip.  The cost for the cab was 100 pesos per couple, about $10 USD.  Here is a shot of Ron and his wife Manon, the owners of Ron’s RV Park.  They live here full time now and are originally from Quebec.


Tinka learned to multi-task —


Entertainment for the evening included a magician that was really quite good.  He spoke no English, but the tricks were pretty self explanatory.


Are my eyes bloodshot yet?


We had a great time and the school came out the big winner with some huge funds that will go to support new technology for their students.

One month from today we leave the Puerto Vallarta area and start heading north.

Anyway, life on the road remains good.


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