Way to go, Cowboys!!!!!

Ooopppps!!!!!  That is the wrong team and wrong year.  Sorry!!!  The cowboys didn’t make it this year.  BOOHOO.  Oh well, we still went to a Superbowl Party and at least the Cowboys supplied a good announcer in Troy Aikman.

Our party took place under a palapa in the nice warm weather here in the RV Park.



 There is only a small TV under the palapa,  so one of the couples brought their wide screen TV out so everyone could watch.

There are 2 great things about a Superbowl Party.  Your favorite team playing and the commercials.  The next best thing is if your favorite team doesn’t make it, you at least get to watch the great commercials.  Each commercial usually costs over a million dollars so they had better be great!!!!!!!

So we head 10 feet to the party.  Our Cowboys aren’t playing but at least we get to watch the great and usually funny commercials.   WRONG!!!!!!!!!  We are watching FOX channel with Troy Aikman and staff but when the commercials come on they are Canadian commercials–not the normal Superbowl commercials.  Bummer.  I think they put on about 2 of the regular commercials that people in the states saw.  We were hooked up to Canadian Star Choice since Dish Network and Direct TV are almost impossible to get down here in Puerto Vallarta without an 8-foot dish.

I bet we had some food at our party that a lot of you did not have.  Moose hot dogs and caribou (or reindeer) hot dogs courtesy of our Alaskan friends..  They were very good.  More of a meat taste than regular hot dogs.  The caribou was a little on the spicy side.  We did have regular hamburgers though.

So today we got on the internet and watched  the commercials to see what we missed.  We know that when we get back to the states in a few weeks we will get to see most of them over and over and over and you get the picture.

Maybe next year?

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