Mañana means tomorrow. But in Mexico it really means not today (some other day). If we had taken our truck in to get fixed in the states the mechanics would get to it either today or tomorrow. They could get NAPA to bring the parts to them quickly that day. It would be repaired within a day. In Mexico they do not keep many parts in stock so they have to go get the parts usually in some other town. We took our truck in on Monday. They looked at it on Tues. Wed. they fixed it except for the missing parts. On Thurs. someone took a bus to Puerto Vallarta to pick up dust seals, the parts they are missing. The trip takes an hour to get there and an hour back. We are very pleased that they are as far along as they are on repairing the truck.

They said the truck would be finished at 4:00 PM and they would bring it to the RV Park to us. They showed up at 5:00. Not bad at all. Would they have delivered it to our door in the US? I think not. We took it for a test drive to see if the brakes worked and no screechy sound of metal to metal. We can finally head to Sayulita, our final destination, tomorrow.

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  1. Sister says:

    Glad things are fixed and you are on your way. Hope you add a map into your next entry.

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