Destination Sayulita, November 16, 2007

On Friday morning we left La Peñita and headed off on our last 20 miles toward our original goal destination, Sayulita.  Here is a map of our plan that didn’t include our slight, 6-night, interruption.


Sayulita is a really interesting coastal town in the southern part of the state of Nayurit.  We’ll provide better information about the town after we get a little more familiar with it.

Not a surprise, but the road was jungle covered, curvy and narrow.


The surprise was that our trip was pretty uneventful.  During the week we had traveled, with some acquaintances, to take a look at the RV park because we had heard that finding the entrance road was a little tricky.  It is a good thing that we did, because if we had missed it pulling our rig, we would never have been able to turn around.

Here’s a shot of the road heading to the park.  It ends at the ocean. 


When we scouted out our rv site, on the earlier trip, we noticed that the trees were really low and there was no chance that our trailer would fit.  The park was made several years ago and it wasn’t designed with rigs our size in mind.  We contacted the on-site manager and he said that he would get the trees trimmed prior to our arrival.

The job was completed and the lot cleared with room to spare.


The next obstacle was maneuvarability.  This is a shot from in front of our site toward the ocean. 


As you can see, things are a little snug.  Getting into the site required a trick that we hadn’t tried before.  We pulled ahead and backed into the spot as best we could.  We were really crooked with the nose of the 5th wheel toward the ocean.  We decided to unhook the trailer, reposition the truck so that it was facing to the right and re-hook up.  This allowed us more room to move.  Another surprise, it worked!!!!!!!  We were able to straighten things out and get ourselves in place.


We may never get out, but we don’t have to worry about it for about two months.  Someone else is due in this spot on January 10th.

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  1. Sister says:

    Looks like a fabulous site. Hope you enjoy your 2 months immensely. Your site looks like it will be shaded and that will be good. Enjoy your adventures.

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