First few days in San Carlos October 28, 2007

After a couple of days staying at the nearly empty Totonaka RV Park, in rolled a caravan of 25 RVs to help fill the place up.  It took about 3 hours for them to arrive.

Before their arrival…


One thing that we hold sacred is our strip map that we purchased online from .  It is an amazing tool with all important information, including the location of every speed bump, neatly cataloged.  The website also has reviews on hundreds of Mexican RV Parks.  The reason I mention this is because the caravan was being led by Dot and Bill, the owners of the website and authors of the valuable map.  We’re hoping to pick their brains for suggestions on our trip.

Below is one of the beautiful beaches that are available on the various bays here in San Carlos, MX.


The housing is anything but cheap by Dallas standards.  Maybe real estate is affordable by east and west coast standards.  The location is certainly beautiful.


Here is your typical new house under construction.


We found a place with an ocean view that we could afford.


Here’s a close-up, alas, it’s occupied and not for sale.


Life, as we know it, doesn’t suck!!!!!!

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  1. Sister says:

    What a great narrative about the area. It is certainly beautiful. BTW, no place in the world is as inexpensive as the Ft. Worth area you just left. You better go back there next spring and get something before it catches up with the rest of the world. Our place has doubled in price since we bought. No profit , unless we move to Ft. Worth/west area.
    Where are you, Sherri?

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