Behind on the Blog as Usual October 11, 2007

I am sure you guessed we are not in the Dallas, Fort Worth area anymore!!!!  We spent last Monday in Midland, TX visiting with Tinka’s 2 aunts and uncles.  It was certainly good to see all of them again. Then it was an early morning start for our drive to El Paso.

We stayed at Mission RV Park in El Paso which is the closest RV park near Tinka’s long time friend, Sherri. We enjoyed ourselves as usual by laughing, visiting, laughing, eating and laughing some more.  Had a great time and then it was time to move on down the road.

We arrived in Tucson, AZ on Thursday, October 4, 2007.  We are here to get ready to go into Mexico.  So we are now both busy reading all our Mexico books to see what documents, insurance and copies of papers we need.  We have a neat 8 envelope plastic folder that is slowly getting full.

What kind of documents do you need?  You need a passport, driver’s license, original titles to your vehicles and rig.  We are in the process of getting Mexican insurance on both vehicles.  Plus, we are taking our US insurance papers along with us.

We are also reading about what to take with us to Mexico.  They do have Sam’s Club and Wal Mart at the larger towns.  How familiar will the merchandise and food be to us?  It says to take peanut butter (and that is a must for Rick), canned tomatoes and dill pickles.  We also need to take car and rig things that they do not have down in

Mexico.  So we have bought 12 quarts of Mobil 1 oil and an oil filter for the diesel truck for an oil change when we are ready for it.We still have a lot to do before we head into Mexico.Life’s a journey and we are on one!!!!!!!!!

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