Dallas/Fort Worth September 30, 2007

We have been in the D/FW area for almost 2 weeks.  There certainly wasn’t a lot of resting time while here.  We both went to our regular doctor to renew prescriptions.  We took care of some paperwork getting ready to go to MX for the winter.  We changed the shocks on the front end of the truck.  Oh, my gosh, what a difference.  We were really bouncing all the time.  Now it is a smooth ride. 

While we were in a RV park in Louisiana, the people next to us with a 5th wheel had had heavy duty tires put on their rig.  When we had our rig weighed in California, it was recommended that we upgrade our tires.  We called around and found some G rated tires in Springtown, TX.  So while Tinka had an appointment with her regular hairdresser and getting a pedicure, Rick took the 5th wheel over to Springtown to change out our tires. 

Again we went through our rig and found many unnecessary things we can live without and took 2 big plastic tubs to our storage place in Weatherford. It is amazing what you think you can not live without and you end up never using.  So why take up space and weight in your RV? 

While we were in a familiar area (DFW) and knew all the stores around we picked up a few supplies, equipment and parts we needed.  We just had to go to Camping World to see how much money we could get rid of in an hour.


The most important thing we did while in the DFW area is see our family and a few friends.  We didn’t see several friends we really wanted to get together with but we will try next time we are through here.  Rick went to lunch with his former coworkers.  He almost had to     w   o   r   k.     The Odessa plant needed to be audited and they asked if Rick would do it since we were heading in that direction.  But they called later and said Odessa wasn’t ready so Rick didn’t have to go to      w   o   r   k       after all.  But we did see our FAMILY.


Last Saturday we did the grandparent thing and watched Gracie cheerleading.




Then we did another Grandparent thing (that we will NEVER do again!!!!!!) and took 2 granddaughters (Ayden and Gracie) to Celebration Station. Celebration Station is sort of like Chuck E Cheese.  Never been there?  Celebration Station has tons and tons of arcade games, pizza, birthday parties going on, and miniature golf outside with other carnival type rides.  So what is the problem?  It was a Saturday and everybody in the ENTIRE  DFW area with their 20 kids each was there.  Not only that they told their children to run wild and do anything they wanted to do and bother everyone and tie up the arcade games without tokens so paying people couldn’t use them.  To be honest I am sure it wouldn’t be a bad place on a weekday while school is in session.  We played miniature golf and used up $20 worth of tokens.  It didn’t take us very long to figure out the token deal.  Find a game that takes a lot of tokens at a time so we can use them up quickly and get out of there.  The noise level was loud!!!!   Then we went to McDonalds to eat.  Both girls were so excited to go play on the playground there.  So after all the money we spent at Celebration Station we could have only gone to McDonalds and they would have enjoyed that just as much. 

Sunday we went to Justin’s (son) house to eat.  He cooked baby back ribs which were just delicious!!!!!!!!!  We enjoyed a very relaxing day with the family.  The only thing missing was Marc (son) as he was out of town working. 

The 3 granddaughters were all together doing their favorite thing–dressing up!!!!



We were staying at the Plantation Place in Garland.  This picture was taken last time we were here before we headed to the East Coast.  The RV Park is behind this house.




Then we headed to Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, near Weatherford.  This is where we lived for 6 months from the time we sold our house and Rick retired.  It felt like we were arriving home.  Nice feeling.


Lance (son) and Ayden came over for steaks on Friday and spent the night. 


Ayden on her Razor.



Sometimes living in a RV can be confusing.  You may forget where you are or where you have been. We usually keep a case of Coors Light in our RV.  The other day I was putting 2 Coors in the fridge when I noticed on the box there was a gold helmet on the outside of it and a banner that said Saints.  I thought now why in the world would the Dallas area be advertising the New Orleans Saints instead of the Cowboys? After a while it dawned on me that we had bought that case in New Orleans.


We are on our way west.  Go west, young man, go west!


Life’s a journey and we are on one!!!

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  1. Sister says:

    Absolutely great report. Yes, there are events for kids best left to parents doing birthday parties!! Your report on DFW area gave a great feeling about the things you did there. The picture of cheerleading is priceless, as is the three girls dressing up. What fun. So on you go to new winter adventures…

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