Tall, Tall Trees Saturday, July 21,2007

We left VA yesterday heading toward CT to see Rick’s mother, younger brother and family.  We are taking our time driving the route.  Yesterday we were in VA, drove through Maryland, Delaware, came real close to PA and stopped in NJ. 

It was a different driving day than when we drove up the east coast.  On the 4th of July we drove through downtown Atlanta.  As soon as we left Atlanta, GA and all the interstates in between through VA we only saw our side of the interstate, tall, tall trees and the sky right straight up above us.  That is all!!!!! Even through towns and large cities.  The only way we knew we were in a town or city was the traffic increased and our GPS showed on the map that there were city streets all around us. Every once in a while we might see a shopping mall or a tall building through the trees.  When we were in Maryland we actually saw the city of Baltimore.  Delaware and NJ do not have the tall trees to hide everything, or at least not near the coast.  We even saw pastures and corn growing.  Of course, the RV park where we are staying has trees all around us.  That means we can’t use our satellite dome to pick up TV.  At least they have cable here.

We still have a blog to write about our trip to Mt. Vernon which we will write real soon.

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