Lobsterbake Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are in Connecticut visiting Rick’s mom, brother and family.  We went up to Rick’s brother’s house and Gary cooked a Lobster dinner for us.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the lobsters. Aren’t they beautiful?  The platter doesn’t look like that anymore as they were very tasty and GONE.


Here are the clams.

a-clams.jpg  This is a platter of corn, potatoes, and spinach.


Missing picture.  Imagine in your mind a platter of steaks.  We were busy getting our plate loaded down with lobster when the platter of steak was put on the table.  No camera. We also had a great Toll House pie.If only we could eat like this every night!!!!!!!!!Thanks to Chef Gary for a wonderful dinner.   

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  1. Sister says:

    Chef Gary seems to cook in the same delicious, extravaganza style of Chef Rick.
    Mouthwatering pictures. Especially since I am into serious diet and exercise these days.

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