Show and Tell 4-15-2007

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope you have a great day.

The Montana Rally had a pot luck scramble.  This is the same thing as Breakfast in a Bag.  You put your eggs (crack them first) in a small plastic bag and squish them up and then  put whatever you want in your omelet such as cheese, green peppers, bacon and etc.  Squish that up again, squeeze the air out and put in boiling water for about 12 minutes. You have an omelet. We did this one summer when we had a large family gathering.  It is lots of fun and easy to cook and serve breakfast for a large crowd. One gal had an ostrich egg which is the size of 24 eggs. (pictured below)


Next on the schedule was Show and Tell.  You remember that from elementary school, don’t you?  As a teacher this was not one of my favorite activities.  Students brought silly things and pretty soon you lost the crowd’s (class’s) attention.  BUT, a grown up Show and Tell is fun.  What did we show and tell?  Our MONTANAS, of course.!!!!  Everyone held open house for all the other owners to come through their 5th wheel and see the modification, floor plans and how we decorated it differently from other Montanas. It is amazing how people can change them to be so individualized.

When that was over we drove over to another town called Lompoc.  This town’s personality is murals.  There are about 40 murals painted on buildings and big signs.  The landscape is gorgeous. (Click on picture for full size)





Then we drove back to Buellton and ate at Pea Soup Anderson’s.  Guess what Buellton and that restaurant is famous for around here?  Split Pea Soup.  It was delicious!!!!!

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