Montana Rally 4-14-2007

We didn’t have to be anywhere with the Montana group until 5:00 PM.   Good time to do our touristy thing!  We are in the Saint Ynez Valley.  There are 7 towns that are just a few miles from each other.  Each town is different and has its own personality.  We chose to go to Solvang today.  It is only 2 miles from Buellton.  Its personality is that it is a Danish town. This is wine country also.  There are wine tasting shops and farms all over the valley.  We passed several as we drove to Solvang.  You can definitely tell the Danish influence by looking at the pictures.  There were a lot of Danish bakeries and chocolate candy stores.  We had a great lunch at Café Angelica. On our way to a wine tasting place we stopped at a chocolate candy store and bought a few little morsels of chocolate.  I don’t believe they are on our diet.  Oh, well, who cares?



Then we returned back to Buellton to our get together.  We had a social hour, catered dinner and a white elephant exchange.  It was great getting to know all the Montana owners.  Then a few of us stayed in the clubhouse and played Mexican Train.

Tomorrow is Show and Tell.  We will explain tomorrow.

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