San Antonio Cheerleading February 24, 2012

Last week end I drove my car to San Antonio and met Ayden, my granddaughter, and my daughter-in-law, Jennifer, in SA.

Ayden had to participate in a championship cheer leading competition. What a hoot that was!!!!

Thousand of girls from all the gyms in TX competing against each other. The TX school districts were also competing but not against the gym participants. They were from all over TX and all ages. The requirements for cheerleading were to have your hair in a pony tail or a curly bun, a colored short outfit and glitter on your eyes to match your uniform. You MUST have a BIG bow or ribbon in your hair to match your uniform and eyes. The other requirement is for the girls to jump up and down, practicing the cheers and do cart wheels every where they walk. They did a great job of doing that!!!!!!

When 2 days were over everyone was dead tired from either watching the cheerleaders or being a cheerleader.

I imagined cheerleaders getting up doing a cheer and being judged. No such thing!!!! You can not hear the cheerleaders doing their routine because every cheer is being done to a loud rock and roll song being blared out to the crowd. The crowd is sitting in the dark with lights only shining on the cheerleaders.

It is expensive to get in for some people. If you are a little sister or brother and being drug to the competition by your parents you get in free. If you a participant you get in free. If you are a parent or a friend you pay $30. If you are older than 60 you get in free. I told my son that was nice of them to let the grandparents in for free. He went on a rant and said that meant grandparents would buy things for the granddaughters and spend a lot more than if they had been charged. That was absolutely correct. I bought a t shirt, sweatshirt and a few minor things which added up to a lot more than $30.

I am busy getting ready to go on a trip to Belize with my sister and her husband. We are going to have a blast.

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