The Birds Are Coming!!!!

This time of year we feel that we may have been transported into an Alfred Hitchcock flick.  Well,  maybe not that bad.

We seem to be overwhelmed by grackles of various types.  It isn’t really as bad as it looks.  They seem to stay on the power lines and don’t interfere with much else.  During the day, they spend their time in the newly planted fields picking seeds.  It’s a mystery where they are during the rest of the year.

We used to see flocks of these birds at the San Antonio River Walk, but they seem to have been reduced by some means or another.

Click on the picture below to see an interesting video of their behavior and the incredible noise that they make. The format is for Real Player.  If you need that viewer, go to


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  1. gary says:


    We were in an old churchyard yesterday with gnarly 30-foot tall trees with thorns in which there were 2-3 crow nests apiece. Pretty damn spooky.

  2. Freaky. For some odd reason birds scare me. In large groups that is. thank-you for posting the video and one that was neat to watch!!


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