Turtles and Sand – A Good Combination

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Our friends, Karen and Roland, paid us a visit from their haunt in Arizona.  It was great to see them and we headed off on some familiar journeys.

One day we headed across the border to one of our favorite restaurants, SeñoriaL, in Nuevo Progreso.  Again, they did not disappoint.

The next day it was off to South Padre Island.  The weather obliged by providing us with a beautiful 87 degree day.   It was a good day to visit a fairly empty beach.


Here, a two year old Laughing Gull strolls the beach with its smaller buddy.


One thing that you don’t want to miss is a visit to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center, located at the north end of the business area and near the convention center.


You should try to time your visit so that you can listen to one of the presentations put on by the resident scientists.  They have volunteers that scour the beach for fresh nests.  Eggs are brought to the center for incubation and hatching.  The babies are then released at their nest sites so that they can imprint the location in their brains so that they can return to lay eggs later.

The turtles that survive their first year is quite low, maybe 1 in 200.   But the life expectancy of many of these turtles can exceed 200 years.  Below, we are “reflecting” on this magnificent creature.


Many ill or injured turtles are brought to the center for treatment.  Some, if injured badly enough, stay forever. This Loggerhead turtle, below is at the center to recover from  an illness. These loggerheads, which can reach 500 pounds, aren’t very active and stay still long enough to allow barnacles to grow on their shells.


Also, be sure to satisfy your hunger at our favorite restaurant on the island, Daddy’s Seafood and Cajun Kitchen.


Be sure to try the Cowboy steak or the Whiskey Bay Fish Plate.  Outstanding sauce.

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  1. Donna says:

    One day while diving for lobster in the Keys a sea turtle swam right up & along with me… One of my most treasured moments!
    Travel Safe

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