Potty Break

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In keeping with our fascination with Texas rest areas, we’ve come across one that has more fashion than function.

Located just north of Laredo, Texas, this “rest area / information stop” was built eight years ago.  They must be expecting large crowds, because this parking lot is enormous.


Why that car decided to park in the fourth row is still a mystery.

The layout of the “park” is gorgeous.


Each picnic table area is covered in a fashion that anyone would like in their back yard.  (Note the tile work.)


Care is taken to sculpt the shrubs.  (Your tax dollars at work)


The information center and bathrooms are located in this facility.  It is an extraordinarily long distance from the parking lot.  This would be quite a hike for anyone having difficulty walking.

We commented to the info-center attendant that it is a long way for handicapped folks to travel.  Her comment was, “Oh, there are handicapped facilities on the other side of the parking lot.”

Remember that huge parking lot.  Well, look what we found on the far side.


Yep, the handicapped bathrooms.  No signs divulged its location.

For you bathroom aficionados,  we’ll keep you posted on interesting stops along the road.

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