Need a Tropical Jungle?

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Do you need a tropical jungle?  Okay, just make one.

The view out of our living room window at our winter retreat was anything but paradise.  Our view is of this stylish metal fence.  It provides good protection from the northern wind, but isn’t all that pretty.


We were at a Party City location and came across the solution to our drab view, a vinyl roll of palm trees.  Tinka decided that this would work beautifully to improve our view.  Three strips of wood were attached to the fence and the vinyl was stapled to the wood.  Bingo, the new view from our window.


Since the wind can be ferocious here, Tinka decided to put little strategic slits in the vinyl to allow the wind to pass through.  We had seen this trick at a park in Florida. Here are a couple of slits that are flipped up from the breeze.  We’re expecting 40 MPH winds today.  We’ll see how well it stands up.


At night, we have a spot light on a timer that illuminates the scene.


(It held up to the 40 mph winds but needed some work after a 50 mph gust.)

3 Responses to “Need a Tropical Jungle?”

  1. Kiri says:

    Y’all are too funny! Miss you guys!

  2. Donna says:

    Now that’s funny… I don’t care what they say! And the spotlight makes it look like a sunset on the beach. Pass me my MARGARITA!!!! Have fun & travel safe

  3. Sister says:

    You may want to change that scene to a ski hill to get yourself acclimatized THE North, Strong and Free…

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